Coast Guard finds no sign of dead whale
Jun 01,2007 00:00 by UPI

SAN FRANCISCO - The U.S. Coast Guard has been unable to find a whale carcass reported early Friday by a fishing boat just outside the entrance to San Francisco Bay.

Bernadette Fees, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Fish and Game, told the Contra Costa (Calif.) Times that searchers also didn't see the kind of bird activity that would be expected if a dead whale was in the area.

The fishing boat reported the carcass just before 6 a.m., saying it was 1-2 miles west of the Golden Gate Bridge and describing it as about 50 feet long.

Two humpbacks, a mother and calf, recently took a wrong turn into San Francisco Bay and up the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. There were fears that the carcass might be one of them, the newspaper said. The pair haven't been seen since late Wednesday and it was believed they swam out of the bay while it was dark.

Fees said that whales are frequently seen in the Pacific near the Golden Gate and dead whales sometimes turn up there.

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