Legislator says new Crooked River Bridge is safety issue
Jun 01,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Crooked River Ranch Fire Demonstrates Vital Public Safety Need

SALEM, Ore. – Rep. John Dallum (R-The Dalles) today filed priority legislation to expedite the planning and construction of a Crooked River bridge giving local residents an effective fire exit and improved access to Madras. HB 3560 directs the Oregon Transportation Commission to give precedence to the bridge as it develops transportation projects in Central Oregon.

“Crooked River residents have needed a fire exit and better access to Madras for a long time,” Rep. Dallum said. “The fire is graphic evidence of the danger of citizens not having an appropriate exit.”

Local residents favor building a Crooked River bridge to connect Horny Hallow Trail with Opal Springs Road. In addition to bridge construction, the project would require upgrades to both roads. Rep. Dallum said this concept appears to be the best solution for improving public safety and transportation access for the area.

“HB 3560 is intended to cut through the transportation bureaucracy and political maze, and to place this project on a path to completion,” Rep. Dallum said. “I will work to raise the awareness level of my colleagues to the plight of my constituents on Crooked River Ranch. This bridge is a vital public safety issue, and it will be a top priority for the remaining weeks of the session and beyond.”