Man injured while diving into Sandy River
Jun 04,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

The quick-thinking and courage of a friend and a bystander who jumped into the waters of the Sandy River in Dabney State Park on Sunday evening to save a 23-year old Seattle man who was injured while diving have been credited with likely saving the injured man’s life.

Rescuers prepare to transport the man injured when he dove into the Sandy River - MCSO photo
Fernando Ramos who was visiting from Seattle, went to the park with his friend, Portland resident Abner Dobon, also 23, to go swimming.  According to a news release issued by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Ramos dove from a ten-foot grassy area near steep cliffs and rocks and when he surfaced he appeared to be unconscious.  Dobon immediately dove in, and a bystander identified as Kris Gil-Knight, 20, also joined in the rescue attempt.  Both men pulled Ramos from the water while another bystander called 911.

Gresham and Corbett Fire Department personnel and deputies responded to the scene.  Ramos regained consciousness and according to witnesses appeared to have numbness and lack of feeling from his chest area down.

Ramos was taken by ground ambulance to Springdale, and then flown by LifeFlight to OHSU hospital.  His condition was not immediately available for release, deputies said.

Deputies say no drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident that occurred in an area where numerous injury accidents and deaths have occurred in past years.  In 2006 alone, deputies investigated one diving death and one swimming death in the area.