Cyclone Guno closes Persian Gulf port
Jun 06,2007 00:00 by UPI

FUJERIA, United Arab Emirates - High waves from Cyclone Guno Wednesday closed the Port of Fujeria in the United Arab Emirates after the storm battered the eastern coast of Oman.

"The decision to close the port was made after determining how dangerous it is for ships to navigate in current weather conditions," port Director General Moussa Murad told the Kuwait News Agency. He said all ships in the port were ordered to take shelter in "safer waters."

Sea water submerged coastline areas of the Emirates of Al-Fujeria and Sharjah, including a public garden, and covered roads halting traffic, KUNA said. Residential areas in Suheila and Sur Kelba were evacuated.

Sustained winds from the cyclone dropped to less than 75 mph as the storm's strength dissipated after moving north along the coast of Oman, the Abu Dhabi Weather Bureau said.

The storm, one of the strongest to hit the Arabian Peninsula in 60 years, once packed gusts of up to 104 mph and knocked out power to sections of Oman, including parts of Muscat.

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