Lake George Fire Grows to 1,000 Acres, Firefighters Remain Aggressive
Aug 13,2006 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

The Lake George fire grew by about 350 acres to an estimated 1,000 acres Saturday, moving southwest in the Mt. Washington Wilderness.  According to a news release from the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center, the fire remains at 5 percent containment.

The lightning-caused fire started August 7 and continues to move southwest approximately 13 miles west of Sisters in the Mt. Washington Wilderness on the Deschutes National Forest. 

The establishment of an anchor point in the northeast corner of the fire was greatly assisted by air operations that included bucket and retardant drops.  To check the fire’s spread to the north and to the east, firefighters continued to build fire-line and lay hose directly along the fire’s edge.  In case the fire moves out of the Wilderness, approximately 3.5 miles of dozer line was established from which a burn out operation can be conducted if needed.  To maximize their opportunity to control the fire, firefighters worked around the clock, covering three shifts (day, swing, and night).

Today’s objective for the Lake George Fire is to keep firefighters and the public safe while fighting fire aggressively to limit the fire spread within the boundaries of the Mt. Washington Wilderness and east of the Pacific Crest Trail.  Crews will continue building direct hand-line and installing hose-lays around the north, east and southeast edges of the fire, and check its westward expansion into the Wilderness with helicopter water drops and fixed wing aircraft retardant. Outside the Wilderness boundary, work on a second contingency dozer line has begun.

The weather forecast is for continued warm, dry conditions. Temperatures are expected to range from 75-81 degrees depending upon elevation. Humidity is expected to range from 17-20 percent. Heavy amounts of bug killed trees will support high fire intensities with the potential for short to moderate range spotting across containment lines.

Late afternoon fire activity, Saturday 8/12 - Lake George Fire. Photo by Jeff Pendleton, Deputy Incident Commander PNW Team 3