Predatory Sex Offender Notification - Keith A Schmidtke
Mar 06,2006 00:00 by Deschutes County Adult Parole

Notification issued March 3, 2006

Keith Allen Schmidtke Targets 12-17 Year Old Females

  • SID:                 11589986
  • DOB:               06/04/1976
  • HEIGHT:          6' 00''
  • WEIGHT:         170lbs
  • HAIR:               BLK
  • EYES:             BRO
  • RESIDENCE:  Last known:  Sisters, OR  97759

  • EMPLOYMENT:          None
  • VEHICLE:                    None
  • LEGAL STATUS        The offender is on Post Prison Supervision for POS SUB CF, THEFT RECE x 2 and ID THEFT x 4.  Has a previous conviction of Rape III.


  • SPECIAL CONDITIONS:  No intoxicating beverages, Substance Abuse Package, Sex Offender Package, No contact with Minor Males, No Contact with Minor Females, ID Theft/Forgery Package, No contact victims.
  • TARGET VICTIMS:     12-17 year-old girls.
  • METHOD OF OPERATION:   Schmidtke has met the victims at parties, gotten intoxicated with them and had sexual intercourse.
  • PAROLE/PROBATION OFFICER:    Richard Vasconi, Phone # 317-3123, Pager # 317-2133

NOTE:  This notification is being provided to law enforcement by Deschutes County Adult Parole & Probation in accordance and as required by ORS 181.585-587.