Future of spam celebration uncertain
Jun 08,2007 00:00 by UPI

AUSTIN, Texas - Spamarama, a 29-year-old annual party dedicated to canned ham in Austin, Texas, faces an uncertain future because of money problems.

The pork party's sponsor, Disability Assistance of Texas -- a non-profit that helps disabled people find jobs and learn to live independently -- is shutting down for good next week because of financial hardships, leaving the future of Spamarama up in the air, the Austin American-Statesman reported Friday.

"Worst case scenario, nobody would hold it," said Norman Kieke, the group's executive director. "But I believe in my heart that somebody will get together and throw some Spam in the air."

Kieke said the poor turnout at this year's Spamarama, which drew only 400 people, compared to an average 6,000, contributed to the non-profit's money woes, producing a $31,000 loss.

However, Spamarama co-founder David Arnsberger said he may take back the reins of the event.

"I find it most unfortunate that Disability Assistance of Central Texas has fallen upon such unfortunate circumstances," Arnsberger said. "I would welcome this opportunity to take back the reins of Spamarama."

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