Fourth American confirmed held in Iran
Jun 11,2007 00:00 by UPI

TEHRAN - A fourth American is being held in Iran on suspicion of spying, Iran's foreign ministry confirmed Sunday.

Ali Shaker, a Iranian American peace activist and academic, disappeared while visiting relatives in Iran last month but officials initially denied his arrest, reported BBC News.

Iran also is holding Hale Sandier and Kian Abash, two Iranian American academics who have been accused of spying. An Iranian American journalist working for Radio Free Europe has been prevented from leaving Iran and is to be charged with conspiring with what Iranian authorities call counter-revolutionary radio stations, the BBC reported.

Iran continues to deny holding a former American FBI agent who disappeared after visiting an Iranian duty free island in the Gulf in March.

The arrests of dual nationals have stunned Iranians in the United States and forced many academics to rethink plans to attend conferences in Iran.

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