Golf Tips: In between clubs?
Aug 18,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

In many cases you can save yourself strokes from your score by simply making better decisions on the golf course.  One situation many players don’t put enough thought into is when they are in between clubs.  Remember some key points when you find yourself in between clubs and your smarter decision-making will be rewarded.

Take the longer club if:

  • You have an uphill lie.  The lie will add loft, creating the need for the less lofted club.

  • The grass is growing away from the hole.

  • There is trouble in front of the green (bunker, water, canyon)

  • You have wind in your face.  Not only do you need that extra distance, but the ball will have a lower trajectory as well.

  • Conditions are wet and soggy.

Take the shorter club if:

  • You have a downhill lie.  The lie will decrease the amount of loft and the ball will go lower than expected.

  • The grass is growing toward the hole.

  • There is trouble behind the green, or if the pin is up front, with no trouble short of the green.

  • There is wind at your back.  The added loft of the shorter club will get the ball up so the wind can take it.

  • Course conditions are hard and dry, and you are getting a lot of roll on the ball.

In between clubs? Photo by Paul Nasri