Dogs tip over BBQ, Cause $150,000 Fire Damage to NE Bend Home
Aug 21,2006 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Fire inspectors believe that $150,000 in damage to a northeast Bend home on Sunday evening was most likely caused when a barbecue grill on a wood deck was knocked over by the tenant’s three dogs.

According to Fire Inspector Dan Derlacki with the Bend Fire Department, 14 fire personnel responded to a reported structure fire at 1515 NE Burgess about 8:30 p.m. August 20 and found flames coming from the rear of the single-story home.

1515 NE Burgess 
Fire crews quickly attacked the fire from the outside of the house, but the fire had already extended into the attic and did extensive damage to the building and contents.  The home owned by Jim Perkins sustained $100,000 in damage, and the loss of contents is estimated at $50,000. 

The homeowner was insured, Derlacki said, but Donna Rogers (the tenant) had no renter’s insurance coverage.  The inspector encourages all renters to obtain insurance to help protect their personal belongings, and advises to check with your local insurance agent to obtain what he called “inexpensive protection” for this type of incident.

The occupants had used their briquette barbecue earlier in the afternoon, and left for work at 5 p.m. The dogs were loose in the back yard, and apparently toppled the grill over onto the wooden deck.  Barbecue ash, like wood stove ash, can stay hot for hours or even days after use, said Derlacki.