Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
Aug 23,2006 00:00 by ODFW

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: Opportunities for carryover rainbow trout from 10-18 inches are good; however anglers are reporting mixed success. Anglers should fish the deeper water near the dam this time of year.

BIG LAVA LAKE : Like last week, angler success has been a little on the slow side. Folks are still catching fish though the success rate has gone down compared to several weeks ago.

CLEAR LAKE : Clear Lake , located about 20 miles west of Maupin, has been stocked with keeper trout.

COLUMBIA RIVER FROM BONNEVILLE RESERVOIR TO JOHN DAY DAM: Bass fishing has been good in the main Columbia and backwaters. Anglers are reporting good catch rates of nice bass in shallow water with artificial baits of various types.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: Anglers are catching some very nice rainbow trout and largemouth bass. One has to work hard and have patience to catch them but they're quality fish worth the effort.

CRESCENT LAKE : Reports of nice kokanee catches continue, as do reports of fair brown trout activity and fair lake trout catches.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: Opportunities for 8-16 inch rainbow trout and whitefish are fair.

CULTUS LAKE : Reports of good lake trout fishing.

DAVIS LAKE : No new report this week but anglers were picking up redband trout and largemouth bass..

DESCHUTES RIVER : High water on the Deschutes has made trout fishing a little more challenging. Anglers are catching some whitefish and rainbows. Dry fly fishing has been slow; anglers should look at using nymphing tactics in the slow water areas.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls ): No reports.

DESCHUTES RIVER ( Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir): Anglers have reported fair catches for brown trout along with some smaller rainbow trout.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Crane Prairie to Little Lava Lake): Reports of fairly good activity for redband trout and smaller brook trout. The flows on this reach are extremely high. Please note that this section of river is catch and release only for rainbow trout.

EAST LAKE : Fair success for kokane, rainbow and brown trout.

ELK LAKE : Slow fishing.

FALL RIVER : Anglers reporting fair conditions.

FROG LAKE : Frog Lake , located about 20 miles west of Maupin, has been stocked with keeper trout.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: Rainbow and brown trout 10-18 inches are available. Trout are likely to be in deeper water this time of year. Kokanee, largemouth bass, black crappie and brown bullhead are also available.

HOSMER LAKE : Anglers reporting that fish activity in general has slowed.

KINGSLEY RESERVOIR: Kingsley Reservoir, located west of Hood River , has recently been stocked with keeper and trophy trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: No recent reports. Opportunities for kokanee are fair to good with most fish averaging 11-14 inches. Best success is likely to be in the upper end of the Metolius Arm. Anglers are reminded harvest is limited to one bull trout over 24”and a Tribal angling permit is required in the Metolius Arm. Please consult 2006 Sport Fishing Regulations.

LAKE SIMTUSTUS : Opportunities for 8-14 inch rainbow trout are good. Kokanee up to 15 inches are also available with most successful anglers fishing the upper end of the reservoir near Round Butte Dam.

LAURANCE LAKE : Laurance Lake , located near Parkdale, has been stocked with keeper trout.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE : Anglers reporting good to fair fishing.

METOLIUS RIVER : Reports of good fishing including rainbow trout up to 15 inches. Bull trout are begin to move up into the system ODFW asks that anglers handle these with care when releasing.

NORTH TWIN LAKE : The catch rate for anglers has been fair to poor.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow trout are good. Both boat and bank anglers should have success with bait and lures. Trout are likely to be in deeper water. Crappie up to 12 inches are also available.

ODELL LAKE : Fish have gone deep to the cooler water zones and angler should consider leaded lines or larger lake troll setups. As always at Odell Lake angler success is markedly improved at daylight and with some but a lesser degree of success later in the morning. The kokanee are in excellent condition. Please check with the USFS Crescent Ranger District with questions pertaining to blue green algae. Bull trout are federally listed as threatened and their numbers are extremely low in Odell Lake . Targeted angling for bull trout is not allowed and any incidentally caught bull trout must be released unharmed. Angling is closed within 200 feet of the mouth of Odell Creek to protect bull trout. Do not remove fish from water when releasing.

PAULINA LAKE : The kokanee catch has slowed somewhat along with rainbow and brown trout catches.

PINE HOLLOW: Pine Hollow Reservoir, located near Wamic, has been stocked with keeper trout.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Black crappie and bass opportunities are also available.

ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR: Rock Creek Reservoir, located near Wamic, has recently been stocked with keeper and trophy trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

SOUTH TWIN: Fishing is a little slow. South Twin provides nice shorelines for both kids and adults alike to fish from. Boat launching is available, however, motors are prohibited.

SUTTLE LAKE : Fishing has slowed for both kokanee and brown trout.

THREE CREEKS LAKE : Reports of some good catches for both rainbow trout and brook trout.

WALTON LAKE : Opportunities for 8-14 inch rainbow trout are very good. Walton was last stocked on July 18.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: Continued reports of anglers having fair success for kokanee a few nice brown trout are being caught as well.