OSP car dragged 2,100 feet after crashing into semi-truck
Jun 18,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott & BWNS

An Oregon State Police trooper escaped serious injury early Monday morning when his car was dragged over 2,000 feet after he crashed into the rear of a semi truck and trailer that changed lanes abruptly in front of him on Interstate-5 north of Ashland as he was pursuing a speeding vehicle.

OSP Trooper Chris Walker luckily received only minor injuries when his patrol car became lodged under a semi truck & trailer and was dragged about 2,100 feet - OSP photos
According to an Oregon State Police (OSP) news release, Trooper Chris Walker, 34, assigned to the Central Point Command Office, was pursuing a vehicle he had clocked at 97 mph while traveling north on Interstate-5 near milepost 15 north of Ashland when the accident occurred.

The trooper was in the left lane negotiating a left curve when a 2006 Volvo semi-truck and trailer abruptly changed from the right to left lane in front of the marked patrol car.  Walker braked, slowing to about 65 mph before his car crashed into the rear of the trailer and became lodged under it.

The driver of the truck, 53-year old Stanley Scott Leland of Florida, reported feeling a jolt and noticed the vehicle under his trailer. He pulled over to the shoulder and stopped after dragging the patrol car about 2,100 feet.

The trooper was wearing safety restraints and received minor injuries, the OSP news release reported, but did not require transportation for treatment.  Scott, and his co-driver who in the truck’s sleeper berth, were not injured.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the crash investigation.