Heirloom Jewelry Gets Fresh Face
Mar 15,2006 00:00 by NewsUSA
An emerging design trend is putting a new face on heirloom jewelry. While lockets were the tradition of past generations, today's mothers and grandmothers are adding three-dimensional charms of their loved ones to their jewelry collections.

Through modern computer technology, designer Joel Ragan, based in St. Louis, transforms photos into custom pendants that capture the distinct characteristics of a child's face in 3-D. He calls them "Baby Faces." Clients call them heirlooms.

"When my charm arrived it was even more beautiful than I imagined," said Baby Faces owner Laurie Walski of Conshohocken, Pa. "I recommend these charms to anyone who is looking for a unique gift."

"The gift of jewelry is all about showing affection and creating emotion," said Ragan. "We receive correspondence daily from people saying how much they cherish their Baby Faces charm. We've even seen our customers literally brought to tears when they're presented with the completed piece."

The 1-inch charms are made in silver, gold or platinum with prices starting at $179. To order a charm or see samples, visit www.babyfaces.com or call (877) 496-BABY (2229).