FBI files show surveillance details
Jun 25,2007 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK - Newly released FBI files show details of decades of surveillance the agency conducted at the National Lawyers Guild.

The FBI spied on members of the National Lawyers Guild, which was associated with labor and liberal causes, between 1940 and 1975, the files show, The New York Times reported.

One entry reviewed by the Times was about I.F. Stone, whom the FBI described as condemning Sen. Joseph McCarthy's "persecution of innocent citizens" through congressional committees on Un-American Activities.

The 400,000 FBI papers, released to the lawyers' group because of a lawsuit, include handwritten notes, letters from informants and notes from former Director J. Edgar Hoover, the Times reported.

The current executive director of the National Lawyers Guild said the group is still eyed by the FBI.

"We work with the assumption that everything we do is being monitored by the government," Heidi Boghosian told the Times. "Unfortunately, we've become used to surveillance."

In 2004, for example, the bureau issued a subpoena to Drake University in Iowa about an antiwar conference being held by a guild chapter there, she said.

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