Recreational pilots grounded by gas prices
Jun 25,2007 00:00 by UPI

Recreational pilots across the United States are the most recent victims of the rising cost of gasoline in the nation, a report said.

The Washington Post reported Monday that more recreational pilots like 59-year-old Terry McKinney have begun limiting their travel excursions as gasoline prices continue to rise throughout the nation.

McKinney said he first felt the impact of gasoline prices when he flew to Morgantown, W.Va., and found fuel priced at $4.69 a gallon.

"I probably cut back half of what I normally do," the recreational pilot of 15 years said of his reaction.

When added to airplane insurance and maintenance costs, McKinney said, the price of gas has made it cheaper to drive than fly.

Airport officials have also reported a significant drop in fuel sales and the number of people seeking their pilot's licenses since gas prices began to rise.

An Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association spokeswoman told the Post that the group had also received a number of complaints about fuel costs from recreational flyers.

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