Man missing after being kicked off Amtrak
Jun 29,2007 00:00 by UPI

WILLIAMS, Ariz. - A 65-year-old diabetic man from St. Louis was missing after being kicked off an Amtrak train in a national forest outside Williams, Ariz.

Police reported that Roosevelt Sims was on his way to Los Angeles when he was asked to leave the train at a railroad crossing 5 miles outside Williams for being drunk and unruly, Phoenix's KPHO-TV reported Thursday.

"He was let off in the middle of a national forest, which is about 800,000 acres of beautiful pine trees," police Lt. Mike Graham said.

The area where the man was deposited doesn't have a train station or running water, said police.

Sims's family said he is diabetic and was probably going into shock when officers arrived at the crossing and he took off into the woods, leaving his luggage and medication behind, the television station said.

"You don't put anyone off in an area like that," Graham said.

Amtrak said the company is looking into the matter, KPHO-TV said.

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