Alfalfa man cited for reckless burning in escaped fire
Jul 02,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

An Alfalfa man was cited for two counts of reckless burning when an unattended fire in a burn barrel escaped on Sunday, spread to his neighbor’s property, damaged 10-15 automobiles and burned down an 800 square foot shop, deputies reported.

Timothy Simon, 57, of 24885 Alpine Lane had burned household trash in a burn barrel a couple days prior, and then Sunday morning he dumped the ashes and began burning more trash, Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Vance Lawrence said.

While no homes were burned, the fire spread to an adjoining neighbor’s property, and caused “significant” damage to about 10-15 automobiles, burned down his shop, and resulted in unspecified additional property damage.

“Because the area is outside of the Deschutes County Fire Protection District, no resident fire-fighting apparatus responded,” Sgt. Vance said.  Several neighbors jumped in to help with garden hoses, and their efforts were aided by a fire line constructed with two bobcats and a backhoe, and a water truck from High Desert Water Hauling.