Stockholm ends prostitution discretion
Jul 02,2007 00:00 by UPI

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Stockholm, Sweden, police have ended the policy of sending correspondence to the workplaces of men suspected of visiting prostitutes.

Stockholm police's trafficking group now sends the notice of suspected involvement in a crime and the summons for questioning to the homes of the men, The Local reported Monday.

"That's what you do in all other crimes, like rape, for example, and this should be treated the same. But we were very sensitive before," said Anette Dargen, an investigator in Stockholm's trafficking group.

The change brings an end to a policy of discretion aimed at protecting the families of the men involved.

"It is a crime of shame so we would send the summons to work or call the person up," Dargen told The Local.

Dargen said that since the policy was changed in March, the department has received numerous phone calls from wives or partners who opened the letters.

"Usually they already had their suspicions but now they've got it in black and white," Dargen said to the newspaper.

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