Glasgow airport bombers left suicide note
Jul 05,2007 00:00 by UPI

LONDON -- The two men accused of crashing a vehicle into the Glasgow, Scotland, airport explained the attack in a suicide note, a London newspaper reported Thursday.

Khalid Ahmed and Bilal Abdulla both survived the attack, although Ahmed, who was reportedly driving the vehicle, remained hospitalized with severe burns.

The Times of London reported that police said the two men planned to die in a car bombing at the Scotland airport. Police didn't say where the note was found.

Abdulla, who like some others of the eight people arrested in connections with two attempted car bombings in London and Glasgow last week is a doctor, has a British passport that was issued in Jordan, the Times reported. He was born in England and moved to Iraq as a child with his parents, the Times reported.

Also Thursday, Scotland Yard detectives headed to Australia to question another doctor arrested in the case, Mohammed Haneef.

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