Teen accused in surgery case surrenders
Jul 05,2007 00:00 by UPI

NEW DELHI -- An Indian teenager, accused of performing a Caesarean section on a woman, has surrendered to authorities.

The BBC reported Thursday the 15-year-old, whose doctor parents were arrested last month, surrendered to a juvenile court near Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu state.

The teenager was later released to the custody of the grandmother, other media reports said. It was not clear what charges he would face.

The BBC report said the teenager's parents allegedly supervised the reported procedure on a 20-year-old pregnant woman. The parents, who face several charges including endangering a human life, are awaiting trial, the report said.

The BBC report said the woman, on whom the procedure was allegedly done, has been identified as a relative but is said to be unwilling to press charges. Her baby was reportedly born with a birth defect unrelated to the surgery, BBC said.

A recording of the alleged surgery at a maternity hospital in the town of Manaparai was reportedly made but police have not been able to find the video, various reports said.

Lawyers for the family were quoted as saying the teenager was only helping and that he did not perform the surgery.

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