Girls accused of kidnapping toddler
Jul 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

ENID, Okla. -- Two Oklahoma pre-teen sisters are accused of kidnapping a 1-year-old neighbor and demanding $200,000 in ransom for his return.

The two girls, ages 10 and 12, allegedly entered Sheila Wells' home in Enid, Okla., Thursday morning and left with her son, Brandon, a stroller, diapers, wipes and $20, the Enid News & Eagle reported.

"If you want to see your son again then you won't call police and report him missing and you will leave $200,000 on the sofa tonight and we will return your son back safe," said a note left at Wells' home. The note was signed "the kidnappers," the newspaper reported.

The older sister returned later and said her sister had taken the baby, Sheila Wells told the newspaper.

"She told me she wanted to be his new mommy," Wells said of the younger girl. "She denied everything. When I walked in the door she was trying to make excuses to her mom."

The girls were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, extortion and first-degree burglary, the newspaper said.

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