Arizona woman swelters in K-9 solidarity
Jul 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

MESA, Ariz. -- An Arizona woman spent her Fourth of July chained to a tree in 104-degree heat to highlight the plight of dogs stuck outside in hot summer weather.

Rebecca Schneider, who is involved with the group, "Dogs Deserve Better," was among nearly 100 people who staged similar protests across the country Wednesday, The Arizona Republic reported Saturday.

Sam Spinelle, director of outreach programs with the Arizona Animal Welfare League, told the Republic state law requires chained animals to have access to shade and water, news that he said comes as a surprise to people new to the desert heat.

Spinelle told the paper: "A lot of folks think, 'Well, they can regulate their temperature.' The reality is that dogs don't do a good job of it."

Schneider, who owns two dogs, says she believes her publicity stunt was well worth the hot day in the sun if she succeeded in educating folks on the heat-related dangers to dogs.

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