Brown warns of airport disruption
Jul 09,2007 00:00 by UPI

GLASGOW, Scotland - Prime Minister Gordon Brown warned of another summer of delayed planes and canceled flights at British airports.

Brown said the government's main priority is to ensure travelers are "secure when they are in a crowded place," The Telegraph reported.

"We will not allow terrorists to intimidate us, and we will not yield in any way," he said.

Glasgow Airport was closed for hours after last week's abortive car bombing, leading to hundreds of flight cancellations.

Last summer, police arrested an alleged terrorist cell that planned to use bombs concealed in sports drink bottles on trans-Atlantic flights from Britain. The arrests set off a round of new security measures, including a temporary total ban on most carry-on items.

So many passengers have been trying to check in for flights hours early that British Airways released a statement asking travelers to follow the check-in times on their tickets and advising them that arriving at airports early only increases disruption.

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