FBI director, civil liberties groups meet
Jul 10,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said Monday the U.S. law enforcement agency has tried to address concerns regarding its anti-terror investigatory tactics.

Mueller met with representatives of privacy and civil liberties groups to further discuss the FBI's use of so-called National Security Letters while it also strengthens internal controls designed to protect privacy and civil liberties.

"These are complex issues, and it's important that we have an open and ongoing dialogue," Mueller said in a news release. "We have worked hard to develop more transparency around our development of policy where privacy and civil liberties are concerned. We may not agree with the advocacy groups on every point, but the dialogue is valuable and their advice is important to us."

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported Tuesday that two years ago Attorney General Alberto Gonzales told Congress the FBI had not abused its anti-terrorism powers even though the agency had sent him at least six reports telling of legal or procedural violations it had found.

Justice officials said they could not immediately determine whether Gonzales read any of the FBI reports, the Post said.

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