U.S. experts see al-Qaida regrouping
Jul 12,2007 00:00 by UPI
WASHINGTON -- The al-Qaida Islamic terrorist organization may be stronger and more resilient now than it was a year ago, according to U.S. intelligence experts.

Three U.S. intelligence officials, who asked not to be identified, say a draft version of a new National Intelligence Estimate concludes al-Qaida has rebuilt its core structure along the Pakistani border, Newsweek magazine reported on its Web site Wednesday.

The classified document indicates rising concern among counterterrorism officials, particularly about increased activity by suspected Islamic militants in Europe. U.S. officials said the U.S. Embassy in Berlin has issued warnings that Islamic militants associated with al-Qaida may be plotting an attack on U.S. military facilities and personnel in Germany.

While the officials stress there is "no credible, specific" information on any imminent threat to the United States, new evidence from recent overseas cases has caused the FBI to assign agents to track down leads and potential witnesses in the United States, a law-enforcement official confirmed to Newsweek Wednesday. The official said recent assignments were part of a "stepped up" effort in light of the current threat level.

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