Rainfall puts French wine harvest at risk
Jul 12,2007 00:00 by UPI
PARIS -- Wine-makers throughout France are concerned their wine harvest may be partially ruined this year due to a recent deluge of rain across the nation.

With much of France receiving nearly 60 consecutive days of rainfall recently, a form of mildew may have been created that could devastate the nation's 2007 wine harvest, The Independent reported Wednesday.

"It is many years since we have seen conditions like this, with warmth and humidity at the same time," Rhone valley wine-making consultant Olivier Rostang said. "The mildew is biting hard, attacking the leaves of the vines, and worse, in some cases, the grapes. We are fighting for the 2007 vintage."

While French regions like Bordeaux were hit especially hard by the persistent rainfall, some experts have recognized a potential positive impact from the mildew attack.

By significantly reducing the nation's wine harvest this year, the British newspaper said, wholesale prices for French wine could rise significantly in comparison to recent years.

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