District Attorney's Office Receives Advocacy Center Training Scholarships
Sep 07,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Cross-examination, 'Prosecutor and the Media' will be studied

Deschutes County District Attorney Michael Dugan has announced that his office recently received two full scholarships to attend a cross-examination training program at the National Advocacy Center in South Carolina.  Each scholarship covers the costs of the training, including travel, meals and lodging.  There is no cost to Deschutes County.

Deputy District Attorney Beth Bagley was accepted into the training program through one of the scholarships.  The training will study all aspects of cross-examination from pretrial case theory analysis to reactive cross-examination of opposing witnesses.  The Course will also cover the ethical and professional considerations of witness examination.  Bagley has been prosecuting in the Deschutes County District Attorney's office for five years and is currently assigned to the Person Crimes Prosecution Team.

District Attorney Michael Dugan 
District Attorney Dugan also was awarded a scholarship at the Center to attend the course "The Prosecutor and the Media."  The training will focus not only on the media's impact on prosecution in and out of the courthouse, but also on what prosecutors can do proactively to better relate to the media and the public.  The course will cover topics such as the CSI Effect, Ethics, and the impact of technology.

"I am proud of the work our prosecutors do everyday," Dugan said, "Obtaining scholarships to keep County prosecutors trained and current on criminal law trends is a great benefit to citizens."