Brazil: Plane crashes in Sao Paulo
Jul 17,2007 00:00 by UPI
SAO PAULO -- A commercial Brazilian airliner skidded off the runway as it landed at Sao Paulo's Congonhas airport Tuesday and crashed into a nearby building.

O Globo TV and other Brazilian media outlets reported 174 people were on board TAM Flight 3054 bound from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or survivors. Two people who were inside the building, possibly a gas station, that was hit by the plane were taken to a nearby hospital.

A September 2006 crash of a Brazilian commercial airliner and a small private jet shortly after take off killed all 154 people on board the commercial flight, Gol Flight 1907.

Brazilian federal police blamed two U.S. pilots flying a private plane for the midair collision.

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