Verdict: Man murdered girl with alligators
Jul 18,2007 00:00 by UPI
MIAMI -- A Florida man has been convicted of murdering a little girl by leaving her at night in the Everglades where she was attacked by alligators.

A jury in Miami Tuesday returned verdicts against Harrel Braddy for the 1998 murder of Quatisha Maycock, 5, and the attempted murder of her mother, Shandelle Maycock.

The jury concluded Braddy dumped the child by the side of Alligator Alley after choking the girl's mother and leaving her for dead in a sugarcane field, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

In closing arguments, Assistant State Attorney Abbe Rifkin Tuesday asked the jury to consider Quatisha's final moments. "You're 5. You're hurt. You're alone. It's dark," Rifkin said.

Braddy, 58, delayed the trial for years by repeatedly firing his lawyers.

Rifkin said she will seek the death penalty for Braddy, who has a lengthy record, including a previous conviction for attempted murder.

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