Bend Police Receive New Technology to Decrease Accidents
Sep 08,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Laser Speed Devices to Measure Distance Between Cars

The Bend Police Department has been selected to be a part of a statewide pilot project to begin using “Distance Between Cars” technology that will be incorporated into three of the department’s laser speed measuring devices.

Through grant assistance from the Oregon Department of Transportation, two of the department’s current lasers were updated with this technology at no cost to the citizens of Bend. This technology allows officers to accurately measure the distance one vehicle is from another vehicle while those vehicles are in motion. Based on a mathematical calculation, the laser will be able to give the officer useful information that will be used in issuing citations for “Following too Close”, which until now has only been able to be determined at the scene of an accident or left to the discretion of the officer.

The Bend Police Department remains committed to the safety of the citizens of Bend and hopes the use of this technology will reduce the steadily increasing numbers of accidents, including those with injuries.