Welfare costing Britain $26 billion a year
Jul 19,2007 00:00 by UPI
LONDON -- A report from Britain's National Audit Office has found that 3 million British unemployed households are costing the nation nearly $26 billion a year.

The report not only details how 1-in-6 British households includes unemployed adults but showed the escalating costs those individuals pose to taxpayers should their situation deteriorate, The Daily Mail said Thursday.

The office's report also laid the blame for the worsening situation on the British government, although it does recognize certain government programs that have been helpful, the newspaper said.

The problem is centralized on London, the report said, with 25 percent of local households designated as workless.

With 6 million total citizens living in unemployed households, Britain also ranks high in unemployment in relation to other developed nations worldwide.

The nation's 13.5 percent rate of workless households far surpasses the United States' 5 percent and France's 11 percent, the newspaper said.

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