Britons discover Viking treasure
Jul 19,2007 00:00 by UPI
HARROGATE, England -- A British father and son wielding metal detectors have discovered what is thought to be the most important hoard of Viking treasure found in the past 150 years.

David Whelan and his son, Andrew, discovered 617 silver coins, a gold arm-ring, a gilt silver vessel and other treasure while covering ground around Harrogate in North Yorkshire with metal detectors in January, The Telegraph reported Thursday.

British museum conservators excavated the treasure, which includes pieces from Afghanistan, Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia and continental Europe. They said one of the pieces, a gilt silver vessel estimated to have been made during the ninth century in what is now France, was probably either looted from a monastery by Vikings or given to them as tribute.

Conservators said the loot was well-preserved due to its storage in a lead container.

The British Museum, York Museum Trust and Harrogate Borough Council's Museum's and Arts Service are working to raise funds for an exhibit to show off the treasure.

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