Bulgaria president alleged collaborator
Jul 20,2007 00:00 by UPI
SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Security files showed Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov was recruited by secret police in 1989 but offered no evidence he helped the former communist regime.

A special commission that studied newly opened communist state security files, said Parvanov, 50, was recruited by the secret police in October 1989, one month before the fall of the Bulgarian communist regime, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reported.

Parvanov's file, stored under his coded name of Gotse, was closed July 1993 and it included a payment receipt and documents by a supervising police officer but contained no document or information submitted by Parvanov, the report said.

Parvanov has said he was aware of his file with the former communist secret police but pointed out it contained only information about him and nothing from him.

In its announcement Thursday, the special commission said 23 people, members since 1990 of former and present presidential administrations, including Parvanov, were listed as collaborators of the former communist secret police, BTA said.

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