Organ trafficking focus of Israeli arrests
Jul 23,2007 00:00 by UPI
NAZARETH, Israel -- A court in the Israeli city of Nazareth heard arguments Monday regarding nine people suspected of illegally trafficking and selling human organs.

Monday's hearing was to determine if there was enough evidence to keep the suspects in custody since the group was arrested Sunday in connection to an alleged international human organ trafficking ring, Haaretz reported.

The suspects are accused of offering individuals money to travel to Ukraine and donate internal organs. Those organs would later be sold to clients in Israel illegally, police said.

The investigation started several weeks ago after one of the individuals who allegedly gave up an organ for money contacted authorities.

Using an undercover agent, police said they learned people could sell an organ through the trafficking ring for $35,000.

The Israeli newspaper said that police were able to arrest the nine suspects Sunday after the agent agreed to travel to Ukraine to take part in the alleged operation.

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