Three teens allegedly kill baby skunks
Jul 23,2007 00:00 by UPI
DAYTON, Ohio -- Three high school seniors in Dayton, Ohio, may face charges for allegedly using a paintball gun to kill two baby skunks in a State Park.

The three allegedly went to the Hueston Woods State Park, where they proceeded to shoot the skunks with a paintball gun, the Dayton Daily News reported Monday.

Park Officer Bob Askew said the incident has been investigated but must be looked over by a supervisor before charges stemming from the July 13 incident are filed.

The investigation revealed that campers saw three youths chasing skunks with paintball guns.

If they are charged, the students would be sent to Preble County, Ohio, Juvenile Court, and possibly transferred to the juvenile court of the county of the juvenile's residence as well as face additional penalties by school officials.

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