Fireworks-Type “Bombs” Found Near Bend Church
Sep 12,2006 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Authorities have determined what was thought to be pipe bombs found near a Bend church were actually crudely constructed, low-grade homemade fireworks-type devices made from plastic pipe and tape.

According to Sgt. Todd Fletcher of the Bend Police Department, on September 10th at about noon officers responded to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 1260 NE Thompson Drive to investigate a suspicious item described as a pipe bomb.

When officers arrived, they secured the area and contacted the Oregon State Police Bomb Disposal Team (OSPBDT).  When OSPBDT arrived from Salem, they determined the device was a “fireworks-type” device using a low-grade explosive powder found in legal fireworks throughout the state of Oregon.

While searching the area for other suspicious items, three identical devices were found that had already been set off.  There were no injuries or damage caused by any of the devices, said Fletcher.  “There is no reason to believe that the church was a target or intended victim of any crime,” he added.

If anyone has information about this incident, please contact the Bend Police Department at (541) 322-2960 during business hours or Deschutes County 9-1-1 at (541) 693-6911 during other times.