City of Bend to conduct onboard BAT rider survey
Jul 24,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The City of Bend will be conducting a rider survey of Bend Area Transit users beginning Monday, July 30. The purpose of the survey is to gain greater insight into travel patterns, and rider demographics of BAT users.

Transit riders will also have an opportunity to provide the City with feedback about new route ideas and areas serviced.

Beginning Monday, July 30 through Friday, August 3, transit staff will distribute surveys to riders on various BAT routes. Riders can complete the survey on the bus and return it before their ride is completed. Both English and Spanish versions will be available for riders. Information will be collected on rider demographics and usage of service (trip purpose, number of days - usage.)

This initial survey will provide information to BAT staff on who is riding the transit service and for what purpose. Future surveys will focus on rider feedback and customer satisfaction to help the Public Works Department determine future routes and services.

The transit program began on September 27, 2006 and the service has already saved over 30,210 gallons of fuel, 586,091 pounds of carbon dioxide, and over 24,170 pounds of carbon monoxide from entering the air over Bend by reducing single occupancy vehicle use.  Choosing to take the bus can make a big difference. It saves money and reduces traffic congestion and pollution and provides an alternative