Eight arrested in attack on protesters
Jul 26,2007 00:00 by UPI
ANGARSK, Russia -- Eight suspects have been arrested and several others were detained in an attack on environmentalists protesting a uranium enrichment facility in Russia.

Angarsk police said one of the environmentalists, Ilya Borodayenko of Nakhodka, died of injuries received in the July 21 attack, Itar-Tass reported. Eight others were injured, including one who remains hospitalized. Police confiscated wooden bats and metal rods allegedly used in the attack.

"All in all, 14 people have been detained on suspicion of premeditated bodily damage, negligent killing and hooliganism. Eight of them are arrested, and courts are considering the arrest of another five," said Alexander Semyonov, a senior assistant to the regional prosecutor..

The victims were among a party of about two dozen protesters who had been protesting the uranium facility's disposal of nuclear waste. The 50-year-old plant has never produced war-grade materials, Itar-Tass said.

The alleged assailants were described as unemployed men and college students ranging in age from 18-22.

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