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Jul 27,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Think pink.

Color trends this year are leaning toward pink, according to the Color Marketing Group.

HOT TRENDS - The red/pink family is heating up in the color market including this Pink Dot Contemporary Home Bed in a Bag by Target Corp. CNS Photo courtesy of Color Marketing Group. 
GLOVES FOR WOMEN - Pallina Vegan Garden Gloves are designed specifically for women's hand sizes. CNS Photo courtesy of Pallina. 
And, they should know.

The international organization of color and design professionals predicts color trends twice each year and for nearly 40 years, they have been remarkably accurate.

"CMG's process for predicting color trends starts with analyzing all of the influences on our perceptions - the sociology, politics, news, lifestyle trends, fashions - everything that makes us crave certain colors," said Jack Bredenfoerder, president of CMG.

"At the end of 2006, CMG predicted neutrals the color of stone and earth, blues the color of sky and water, and botanical greens - all the result of massive new concern about the environment. Those colors were everywhere this spring," he added.

For the summer, here's what CMG predicts:

- Trend pink: The catalyst for the red/pink family has been based on the power of promoting critical health issues including breast cancer and AIDS awareness. This strong pink, warm with just a hint of yellow, along with its companion red is being seen in products from sneakers to blenders. It's not feminine and it's definitely not girly.

- Special finishes: Luminescent white is everywhere. Think white with a special shimmer. Organic finishes - brushed metals, colors that look like metals, pearlescent finishes. There's going to be a lot of shimmer and shine and a lot less flat color that has been trendy for the last few years.

For more information, visit www.colormarketing.org.

- Maggie Reed


There are gardening gloves and then there are the Pallina Vegan Gloves for women.

These gloves come with LiquiCell, "a replication of the little sac of liquid that's between your joints" said Jamie Wornson, co-owner of The Pallina. The LiquiCells pad the hands in vulnerable areas when doing heavy work like pushing a wheelbarrow or pruning shrubs.

The Vegan Gloves were designed specifically for women, "they're not just scaled-down men's gloves," Wornson said. "We measured a whole lot of women's hands, and discovered that women's hands are slimmer, they're narrower and they're not as thick generally. The gloves are scaled to a woman's size, plus there's a little more leeway because the Spandex gives it a four-way stretch."

Other features include:

- Terry cloth inside the wrist that can be turned down and used as a brow wipe. "It's tucked underneath the cuff to keep debris away from it," Wornson said.

- Synthetic suede palms and fingers.

- Kevlar stitching "so that the seams are pretty much invulnerable."

- A carabiner to keep the gloves together and attached to clothing when not being used.

- A Velcro closure to keep dirt and debris from entering the glove.

But why are the gloves called Vegan? "They're all synthetic, there are no animal products in them," Wornson said.

The gloves come in small, medium, large and extra large, and are available at www.gardengatemagazine.com. Cost is $30. - Cathy Lubenski

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