Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
Jul 20,2007 00:00 by ODFW

Attention campers, anglers, boaters: recent fires on the lower six miles of the Deschutes River have limited camping opportunities for the rest of the summer.


Angling for rainbow trout is poor. Water temperature is warm and fish are concentrated in the deeper water and lethargic. Opportunities should pick up in the fall.

BIG LAVA LAKE: rainbow trout
Big Lava Lake anglers continue to have fair success on 13 – 16 inch rainbows.

CLEAR LAKE: rainbow trout
Clear Lake has been stocked several times this spring with both legal and trophy sized rainbow trout.  Fishing should remain good as long reservoir levels remain full. 

The bite at Crane Prairie has picked up with a number of 10 – 12 inch rainbows being caught on top of the occasional 20 inch rainbow trout. Crane Prairie has been fishing steady. Some folks are able to catch several fish a day and other more.

CRESCENT LAKE: brown trout, kokanee
No report as of July 10, 2007.

Opportunities for rainbow trout are fair. Recent surveys indicate the trout population remains low compared to previous years. Whitefish are very abundant. Anglers are encouraged to harvest this highly edible game fish.

Reports of good success for rainbow trout.

DAVIS LAKE: largemouth bass, redband trout
Anglers are having fair success catching largemouth bass and an occasional redband trout.

DESCHUTES RIVER: Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: No anglers were observed on the river as basis for a report. This is a good time to fish the middle Deschutes for brown trout and rainbow trout.

Trout Anglers:  Fly anglers in the Warm Springs Area continue to find good success on the tail end of the salmonfly and golden stone hatch.  Downstream of Trout Creek fly anglers should begin focusing on nymphs and other hatches such as caddis or mayflies.  Anglers should focus their attention near the river bank or in back eddies.  Angers are reminded that extremely warm temperatures may trigger glacial melting on the White River, and fishing conditions in the Deschutes downstream of White River may be less than optimal due to turbid waters.

Spring Chinook:  Fishing has slowed considerably in the Sherars Falls area.  The bulk of the catch is beginning to be comprised of jacks, indicating most of the run has likely past upstream.  

Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir: Reports of some nice brown trout being caught in this reach.

Wickiup to Crane Prairie Reservoir:
No report as of July 10, 2007.

Crane Prairie to Little Lava Lake: No reports on success for this reach of river.

EAST LAKE:  rainbow trout, brown trout
Anglers are reportedly catching rainbow trout, brown trout and Atlantic salmon.

ELK LAKE:  brook trout, kokanee

No report as of July 10, 2007

Anglers are reporting fair to good success. .

FROG LAKE: rainbow trout
Frog Lake was recently stocked with legal and trophy sized hatchery rainbow trout.   Anglers should expect good success. 

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown trout
Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow and brown trout are poor.

HOOD RIVER: spring chinook, summer steelhead
Early return summer steelhead are beginning to show up in decent numbers in the creel and at Powerdale Dam.  The ODFW operates a “recycling” program for hatchery origin summer steelhead, retuning them to the mouth of the river after they are captured at Powerdale Dam.   Anglers are finding steelhead success using nearly all traditional steelhead techniques. 

Anglers are reporting that action is on the slow side.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: bull trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, kokanee, smallmouth bass Kokanee angling has been picking up with good catches reported in all three arms of the reservoir. Fish are larger this year with the average size 12-14 inches.

LAKE SIMTUSTUS: rainbow trout

Opportunities for 8-10 inch rainbow trout are excellent. A limited number of carryover trout from 14-18 inches are also available. Tribal angling permit as well as State license is required.

LAURANCE LAKE: rainbow trout, smallmouth bass
Laurance Lake has been stocked with fin clipped hatchery rainbow trout.  Anglers should find good success on both hatchery trout, and naturally produced wild trout.  Anglers are reminded that only artificial flies and lures are allowed, and only fin-clipped trout can be kept.  Anglers are encouraged to keep all smallmouth bass caught.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE: rainbow trout

Angling is reportedly good rainbow trout and brook trout being caught.

LOST LAKE:  rainbow trout
Lost Lake has been recently stocked with legal and trophy sized hatchery rainbow trout.  Some naturally produced brown trout are also available for anglers.  Anglers should focus on the shallower shoal areas for best success.  

METOLIUS RIVER: No report as of July 3, 2007.

NORTH TWIN: rainbow trout
Angling is still has picked up for rainbow trout. 

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Black crappie angling has been excellent. Anglers should target areas with cover near the shoreline.

ODELL LAKE: kokanee
Odell has slowed for kokanee though the lake trout fishery has reportedly picked up. Kokanee are running 9 to 12 inches in length.

PAULINA LAKE: kokanee, brown trout
The kokanee are biting well in the mornings. Anglers are reporting good catches of kokanee up to 14 inches in length.  The brown trout and rainbow trout are in the shallows going after the blue chub and are said to be biting well.

Pine Hollow Reservoir was stocked several times with legal and trophy size hatchery rainbow.  Warm water anglers should begin finding good success as temperatures warm.

Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good.

Rock Creek Reservoir has been stocked several times with legal and trophy size hatchery rainbow.   Fishing should remain good until reservoir levels begin dropping. 

SOUTH TWIN LAKE: rainbow trout
The weekend fishing report on South Twin was good for rainbow trout.

SUTTLE LAKE.  No reports from anglers as of July 3, 2007.  

WALTON LAKE: rainbow trout
Opportunities for legal sized rainbow trout are excellent. Walton was stocked with rainbow trout from 8-14 inches at the end of June.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: kokanee, brown trout
Wickiup Reservoir anglers are reporting the kokanee angling is slow. Some nice   browns have also been showing up in the creel.