Redmond man jailed for assault of victim killed by train
Jul 27,2007 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

A 30-year old Redman man has been arrested in connection with the assault of a Salem man in a tavern shortly before the victim was struck and killed by a railroad train as he lie on the tracks, police reported.

Austin A. Chacon - DCJ photo 
Following an investigation into the early morning death of Lamarkus D. Petite on July 11, officers arrested Austin A. Chacon of SW Peridot in Redmond and charged him with second-degree assault (a Class B felony), unlawful use of a weapon (a Class C felony), and intimidation (a Class A misdemeanor), Redmond Police Detective Lt. Wayne Shortreed said.

Detectives believe Petite and Chacon were in the Tumble Inn Tavern the night before the accident when Chacon struck the victim with a hand-held weapon.  “It is also alleged the assault was racially motivated,” Shortreed said.

Chacon was arrested at his home about 3 p.m. Tuesday and was lodged in the Deschutes County Jail.

“At this time it is still undetermined why Mr. Petite was lying on the railroad tracks.  The investigation will continue as information is gathered,” said the lieutenant.