Rescued youths allegedly pulled prank
Jul 30,2007 00:00 by UPI
JERUSALEM -- Two Israeli students allegedly issued a fake distress call to test rescue teams working in the parched Golan area, it was reported Monday.

The students reportedly phoned a rescue unit Sunday to report they were dehydrated, confused and stranded during a hiking trip, reported

After being rescued by helicopter and found to be good condition the two were taken to a police station, where they confessed to faking distress to test rescue teams, which already had rescued 10 injured or dehydrated people from the area in the last three days, reported.

"They could have found their way out of there easily," rescuer Yair Elkayam told "After such long and exhausting days we did not expect such unacceptable behavior."

In the last week, two college-age students died of dehydration while hiking in Israel, prompting authorities to warn against hiking in intense heat.

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