Newschopper crash lands in Texas
Jul 31,2007 00:00 by UPI
DALLAS -- A news helicopter carrying two traffic reporters crash landed near Grand Prairie, Texas, Monday after suddenly losing power.

Reporter Chip Waggoner of Fox affiliate KDFW-TV in Dallas and Julie DeHarty of Dallas radio station KRLD-AM survived the crash without severe injuries, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Waggoner said the chopper's engine shut off suddenly without warning while it was in flight.

"I'm a little discombobulated right now, but we're alright," Waggoner told his colleagues back at the station. He credited the pilot with bringing the helicopter down safely in a bushy area.

It came to a stop after rolling over on its side.

Monday's incident was the second news helicopter accident in July.

Last week, two news choppers collided in mid-air over Phoenix while covering a high-speed police chase. All four people aboard the aircraft were killed.

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