Success comes slowly in Iraq
Aug 06,2007 00:00 by UPI
YOUSIFIYA, Iraq -- U.S. forces in the Iraqi town of Yousifiya reportedly have witnessed a real transformation since they first arrived in the Sunni triangle last September.

Lt. Col. Michael Infanti, who commands the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Army Regiment, says the Iraqi army battalion in Yousifiya is the best he has seen, The Los Angeles Times said Monday.

Infanti is hoping to turn over two of the six U.S.-controlled battle positions to Iraqi forces soon. Seventeen of the positions are already in Iraqi hands.

While security in an around Yousifiya isn’t a done deal, Infanti’s soldiers have come far, the Times said.

The sound of roadside bombs going off is rare and local residents armed with clubs are patrolling some areas of town.

Infanti says it takes time for the troop surge to work an area.

“To take guys who just got here and throw them out there and say the surge isn’t working, or the surge is working -- it’s not an educated assessment,” Infanti said.

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