Man chokes son's killer in court
Aug 07,2007 00:00 by UPI
STEUBENVILLE, Ohio -- Several dozen police were needed to quell the chaos in an Ohio courtroom after a man began choking his son’s killer, it was reported Tuesday.

Antonio Clifford, of Cincinnati has just pleaded guilty Monday to robbing and shooting Joshua Sweat when his father, Michael Sweat, leaped up and attacked Clifford, WOTV-TV, Steubenville, reported Tuesday.

Michael Sweat was temporarily detained and then released, police said.

Joshua Sweat, 28, was killed last year in a parking lot in downtown Steubenville.

Clifford, who faced the death penalty, was sentenced to 33 years to life in jail for aggravated murder and aggravated robbery, WOTV reported.

"I truly believe if you are ever set free to live in society, there will be another victim, another family, that is shattered," Ginger Sweat, the victim's mother, told Clifford minutes before her husband jumped on him.

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