Pakistan founder’s daughter seeks house
Aug 09,2007 00:00 by UPI
MUMBAI -- Dina Wadia, daughter of the founder of Pakistan Mohammed Jinnah, wants to reclaim the house in Mumbai her father built before India’s partition in 1947.

Wadia, who now lives in New York, said she grew up in the mansion overlooking the Arabian Sea in the posh Malabar Hill area of Mumbai, formerly Bombay.

The aristocratic Jinnah, a British-educated lawyer who led the campaign for a separate state for the Muslims of India before colonial Britain granted freedom, built the Jinnah House in 1936.

By the time he left India after independence in August 1947 to become the first governor-general of the newly created Pakistan, Wadia had been all but estranged from her father, Britain’s Independent reports.

However, Wadia, who is now 87, reportedly never gave up her claim on the house, whose land, though now infested with weeds and snakes, is worth millions. This week, the report said, she opened a new legal fight to get back the property from the Indian government, which wants to covert it into an arts center. The issue comes up as India and Pakistan prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their freedom later this month.

Jinnah, a frail man who had battled tuberculosis for years, died in 1948 of that disease and lung cancer.

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