New Orleans schools slow to recover
Aug 13,2007 00:00 by UPI
NEW ORLEANS -- Less than half of New Orleans’ schools will open next month despite a gain in Hispanic families, says a report on recovery from the area’s 2005 hurricane.

New Orleans has regained 66 percent of its pre-Hurricane Katrina population, due to an influx of Hispanics and former residents moving back, said the New Orleans Index.

Schools and hospitals have been slow to recover while “crime remains unacceptably high in the city," the report says.

Only 45 percent of the city’s schools will reopen next month, with many of those 83 schools reopening in need of repair, USA Today reported Monday.

The student population in Orleans Parish, which includes New Orleans, has reached 40 percent of pre-Katrina enrollment with more than 66,000 students -- 89 percent of them black, down from 93 percent before the hurricane.

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