Rudy Giuliani seen swaying on gay rights
Aug 14,2007 00:00 by UPI
NEW YORK -- Republican Rudy Guliani, the former New York mayor who wants to be president, is seen by some as shifting his position on civil unions for gay couples.

Giuliani has been backing away from the issue since April and now says he would like a more modest set of rights for gay couples than is offered in four states, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

His campaign told The New York Sun that New Hampshire's new law goes further than he would like because it is "the equivalent of marriage," which he allegedly has always opposed for gays. Maria Comella, the campaign's deputy communications director, told the Globe Giuliani favors the New York model that primarily provides benefits to partners of city employees and helps city residents obtain partner benefits from private companies that extend them.

"It's really disappointing he's stepped back from his position on civil unions," said Joe Tarver, spokesman for the Empire State Pride Agenda, an advocate group for gay rights in New York state that has previously worked with and against Giuliani on numerous issues.

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