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Aug 17,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

For many elderly, and especially those with arthritis, the simple task of opening a door or turning on a faucet can be not only painful, but sometimes impossible.

GREAT GRIPS - Available in every color imaginable, Great Grips make it easier for people to grip and turn doorknobs. CNS Photo courtesy of Great Grips. 
NIGHT LIGHTS - Great Grips are available in numerous colors, including this glow-in-the-dark version for home and business safety. CNS Photo courtesy of Great Grips. 
"The original idea behind Great Grips was to create an affordable and versatile solution to make it easier for everyone to grip and turn doorknobs, especially seniors and people with arthritis," said Patrick Going, co-inventor of the product along with fellow Coloradoan Bill Youmans.

Originated in 1989, these doorknob twisters have received special recognition from numerous organizations, including the American Society on Aging and the Arthritis Foundation.

Great Grips are easy to install, just wet and affix. Even if fixtures are not the standard size or shape, Great Grips can be stretched to 300 percent of their original size to fit small or industrial-size knobs.

After teaming up with investor Ron Rubin and Steve Kaiser, a 25-year injection-molding veteran, Great Grips are now available in any color, including a highly effective glow-in-the-dark version.

As a special option, a company name, Web site or phone number can be embossed on them for promotional giveaways.

Great Grips are made of a soft and comfortable latex-free material. They not only insulate against hot and cold, they eliminate static shock and are available in antimicrobial versions to help prevent the spread of germs.

Prices range from $8 for a pack of two to $17 for the home modification kit which includes two clear grips, one glow-in-the-dark grip (use on doors, faucets, propane tanks, pill bottles, etc) and one set of hot and cold colored grips for faucets.

For more information, call 800-346-5662 or visit www.greatgrips.com.


Did you know that you could receive third-degree burns - the most severe of burns - from tap water that is too hot?

Hot tap water burns cause more deaths and hospitalizations than burns from any other liquid, according to Children's Hospital Boston. It also reports the majority of children (64 percent) ages 4 and under, who are hospitalized for burn-related injuries, suffer from scalding burns.

A new product, HotStop from American Valve, can help prevent this problem. Just replace your existing shower head and tub spout with a HotStop shower head, hand shower and tub shower When hot water reaches an unsafe temperature, there is a temperature valve within the faucets that quickly triggers the reduction of water flow to a trickle to avoid scalding. Once the water in the line cools, the flow starts back up automatically - usually in less than 30 seconds.

HotStop not only installs in minutes, it requires no special tools or plumbing expertise. And if you move, you can take your fixtures with you.

The line of products includes tub spouts (with and without diverters), shower heads and hand showers. All come with a 10-year warranty and easy-to-follow instructions for installation, operation, care and cleaning.

Prices for HotStop fixtures range from $24 to $39. For more information, call 877-531-7470 or visit www.h2otstop.com or www.americanvalve.com.

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