Poker Pro's Corner: Know when to quit
Aug 17,2007 00:00 by Johan Storakers

Q: When should I quit a cash game? When I'm up, down or even?


JOHAN STORAKERS - Swedish pro Johan Storakers has won more than $1.5 million and is listed fourth on Sweden's list of all-time money winners. He is currently playing the circuit in the United States. Playing competitively since 2000, Storakers won the MasterClassics of Poker in 2003 and two years later made two World Poker Tour final tables. CNS Photo. 
Reedsville, Wisc.

A: Good question! The human being is a strange creature. She doesn't want a negative result. Because of that fact people often tilt when they are down and try to win it back. To avoid those situations I think you should leave the table if you are down and keep on struggling against players on tilt, providing your stack hasn't grown to be so big that it makes you feel uncomfortable. Under those circumstances you should quit despite the fact you aren't satisfied.

Q: Do you believe in the "no set, no bet" rule?

Anders S.


I haven't heard of that rule. It seems rather stupid and since I am all about table image I can bet both a flush draw and a straight draw. But don't overdo it. Better to play tight and seldom bluff.

Q: How do you handle a player who always comes over the top of you?


San Diego

A: Always? That's an easy question. But I assume that you don't mean "always," but even if he raises me a lot I am prepared. Of course, you need to know how you think the hand will develop and for that reason think one step further. It's a good thing to combine poker with mind games where you are forced to think more than one step at a time. Chess is a good example of such a game.

Q: Sometimes I have a drink to relax at the table - is this a bad idea?

Passed Out

Punta Gorda, Fla.

A: For me, drinking and poker don't go together, but there are exceptions to every rule and if I play low stakes in the company of friends I could party. I think you will have to answer that question yourself - but be honest.

Q: Music pumps me up to play good but I also feel like I'm missing things. Should I not listen to music when I play?

Elvis C.


A: I myself don't listen to music. I don't find anything wrong with it but it makes it harder to gather information. Poker is a game of information. The more unfocussed on the game you are the more information you miss out on. If music makes you at ease, it's a question of balance - well-being or information. That is for you to decide.

Q: Is it OK to limp with J-J in first position at an aggressive table?

Hate the Hooks

Key West, Fla.

A: Hmm, I rarely limp with J-J, but as I see it there is no straight answer to this question. Limping with J-J could be very good in different ways. One is if a weak player raises you then you could re-raise. Second is if you get an indication of strong hands you could fold pocket jacks without losing too many chips. A third and more far-fetched scenario is that you could hit trips and trap someone. Another possibility is that your opponents don't realize you may have an overpair, so with a low flop again you could trap your opponents.

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Adept at both online and live tournament poker, globe-trotting Swedish pro Johan Storakers is a threat to win any event he enters. With 50 cashes for more than $1.5 million, Johan is just getting started. He is listed fourth on Sweden's all-time money list and is currently playing the circuit in the United States as well. Known for not being afraid to gamble if he has a chance to knock a player out, Johan is also a serious Internet player who represents, sometimes competing under the screen name Nytorget, an area of Stockholm. Playing competitively since 2000, Johan won the MasterClassics of Poker in 2003 and two years later made two World Poker Tour final tables.

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